Mayoral Candidate Campaign Finance Cap

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Jennie Jenkins: Calls for Competitors to Cap their Campaign

Harrisburg Mayoral candidate, Jennie Jenkins, calls on all competitors to cap their campaign finances at $50,000.

It should be clear: This race is about the people! It’s about ideas! It’s about action! It’s about our future!

Our city is not for sale to the highest donor!!!

According to these two Pennlive article headlines, it would appear we know of at least one candidate willing to sell us out:

$50,000 is more than enough for a campaign for a city with a 4-mile radius and a population of 49,000 people. There are many good people who would want to run for mayor, but capital expenditure barriers to entry present obstacles to these aspirations.

It’s time that we show Harrisburg that we can do more with less.